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March 2016 Love By Association 3/16

His First Choice 5/16

  Strangers/Sheltered 6/16 *

  Sheltered in His Arms Audiobook 6/16 *

  The Promise He Made Her 7/16

  For Love Or Money 8/16 **

  A Heartwarming Holiday 10/16

  Her Soldier's Baby 11/16 **

  A Heartwarming Thanksgiving 11/16 **

*Strangers/Sheltered In His Arms - Bestselling Author Collection with Heather Graham.

** Family Secrets Series

Where Secrets Are Safe
ttq's New Bestselling Series

On Sale Now

New in 2016

Because There's Always Hope
'Where Secrets Are Safe' Receives Critical Acclaim!

"An Instrument For Change"

Presented in Sheffield in UK, June 11, 2016
by scholar, Alicia Williams

Wife By Design
February, 2014

Once a Family,
June, 2014

Husband By Choice,
September, 2014

Child By Chance,
December, 2014

Mother By Fate,
March, 2015

The Good Father,
June, 2015

Love By Association,
March, 2016

His First Choice,
May, 2016

The Promise He Made Her,
July, 2016

Books 10,11,12*
* Contracted but not yet scheduled!
Family Secrets
 August 1, 2016
October 1, 2016
January 1, 2017

A Reality Cooking Show
Secret Family Recipes
And Family Secrets, Too

On Sale Now!
Have you ever had a friend who understood the things you didn't say? 

A story of promises made - and broken.

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